Parent and Community Involvement

To build a healthy culture and a good environment within the School that honors the values and objectives of this pedagogy, parents and teachers are asked to commit to creating a climate of respect, and to thrive to develop a deeper understanding of the principles of Waldorf Education. For parents, this will translate into participation in classroom meetings, workshops, talks, quarterly parties, and school activities in general.

This may also mean adjusting some family lifestyle choices to align with the values of the school and ensure that the student has a successful experience at our school.

Supporting health:


Good rest, balanced diet, adequate clothing

Supporting the curriculum:


Restrict children’s exposure to electronic media, avoid exposure to inappropriate visual or written material, choose the number and type of extracurricular activities, ensure dress policy is followed, arrive on time to classes and events, attend classes regularly and schedule family vacations during school vacations, help develop good work habits, learn more about Waldorf Education, participate in the social and cultural life of the school, incorporate “ Waldorf practices” in family life, organize children’s parties consistent with the values of the school.

Supporting life:


Share a climate of respect towards teachers and students, present concerns to the tutor or administration in a timely and constructive manner, follow appropriate channels to address problems and concerns, respect the privacy of teachers and staff, attend meetings and/or events for parents, stay informed of activities and news of school life.

Parents are an integral part of the fabric of the school and the involvement of each family is welcome and essential to the strength of the school community.

Each family’s commitment to being involved in the school in some way is crucial to the full functioning of our community.