Admission, registration and fees


All students are admitted based on criteria that assure us that our school is the best option for that student and that Waldorf education is understood, valued and shared by their families.

The admission process consists of a first interview in which the family can learn basic details of Waldorf Education, the school and its facilities. Subsequently, the interview is carried out with the student’s tutor to deal with all the pedagogical and practical issues and resolve doubts. Admission is subject to these interviews. The Admissions Committee, formed by the pedagogical director, the director of studies and the tutor of the new student’s degree, together with the Administrative Body, are in charge of making the admission or non-admission decision.

To achieve a successful education that honors the values and objectives of this pedagogy, it is necessary that the school and the home vibrate at the same frequency and work hand in hand.

Registration and fees

It is necessary to request a guided tour through the School’s secretary’s office. On this visit, the interested family will have the opportunity to tour the spaces, get an impression of the daily movement of the school, see the children being picked up by their families and hear first-hand practical information about how we operate as a school.

Tuition: 700€ – One single payment upon registration at the school and is unique per family. Non refundable

Primary: 475€ per month (11 installments from September to July)

Materials 360 €/year

Children: 459€ per month (11 installments from September to July)
Materials: 360€/year

25% discount Second sibling
30% discount for third sibling
25% discount on summer school fee for school families